The Netherlands

One of our biggest programs is the Netherlands program. When you think of The Netherlands, you see windmills, beautiful tulips, amazing cheese and many bicycles! This is only the beginning of what this magnificent country has to offer!

The Netherlands, or Holland, is a small country in the west of Europe and is completely different to South Africa.

This program gives you the opportunity to explore, as an au pair, a new country as well as any neighboring countries that you would like to visit, you get to learn a new country and a new language while living out your traveling dreams!


  • Female • Between 18-29 years of age. You must arrive before your 30th birthday
  • Unmarried with no children
  • No criminal record
  • Genuine love for children and some babysitting experience
  • Able to ride a bicycle (it also helps if you can swim)
Erin Oliphant

"Looking forward to the snow again, more amazing traveling trips to other countries and reconnecting with friends around Europe after not seeing them in years."


Au pair in The Netherlands 2018

Program costs: R9.400


Registration fee


First payment - Payable upon submission of application


Second payment - Payable upon confirmation of acceptance


Final paymant - Payable upon placement with a host family

What to expect when you're there?

  • Free room and board
  • Monthly airtime as well as free internet access on the host family computer
  • Two weeks of paid leave
  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline in case of need for suppport after business hours
  • Regular Au Pair meetings
  • Approximately €300-€340 (~R5500) pocket money per month

What is covered?

  • Your return flight tickets
  • All visa processing fees in Holland
  • Study allowance for you to take a language course in Dutch
  • Medical insurance for the duration of the program
  • Host family screening and selection by overseas agents
  • Free Au Pair training day

Not included in the package

  • Application for your passport and full unabridged birth certificate
  • Police clearance at your local police station
  • Before your match, you are required to get a general medical test done due to your host country's rules and regulations