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Frequently asked questions

It’s the law/regulations within that country for the cultural exchange program abroad that requires you to be within a certain age.
No you won’t need to pay for signing up.
Remember overseas governments have created and are part of this program by discretion and we need to abide by their laws. In Holland you are only ever allowed to aupair for one year. However for America they are giving you the option to extend for a further year during which you can change host families and move to a whole different part of the USA or remain with your current host family.
Unfortunately currently we only accept South African and Namibian passport holders. This is not our choice and we’d love to be able to assist everyone. We are strictly bound by the rules set by overseas governments and they have their own reasons not to accept all nationalities.
It’s best to apply as soon as possible or 3-6 months before you want to leave.
We pride ourselves on being the cheapest and most efficient agency in South Africa currently being in operation for over 30 years! Our staff all work remotely and interviews for Holland are all done via whatsapp video. For the USA you will have to attend an in person interview and when the time comes we will direct you to our nearest staff member – traveling might be necessary for those not living near any major cities.
Most of your fees will go to your visa, flight and insurances overseas. A small part of your fees will go to BAP to compensate the administration costs.
This is the beauty of the program! You only need local babysitting experience which you can get for FREE… We require no training at all – just a huge love for children / lots of patience and the willingness to adept and fit into a host families lifestyle. Some agencies offer training and often there are (hidden) charges for this – we do not agree!!! An aupair is being part of a cultural exchange program! This is NOT A JOB which requires training. The more babysitting you have done and the more different age groups you’ve been “working” with the easier it becomes to match you! Before your departure we will organise a group video meeting where you can ask all your questions and meet other aupairs!

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