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Frequently asked questions

It’s the law/regulations within that country for the cultural exchange program abroad that requires you to be within a certain age.
Check out this video for an explanation about Au Pairing
No you won’t need to pay for signing up.
It is allowed to au pair for a maximum of 12 months in one of the countries. It is possible to au pair in another country after your first au pair journey.
The difference between an au pair and a nanny is that an au pair will go overseas through a cultural program and will only work for a maximum of 32 hours a week. A nanny is allowed to work more and to get paid, but will experience less of the culture.
If you are not certain that you meet the requirements, contact us. If you do not meet the requirements, you are not able to apply for our au pair programs.
If you are not a South African citizen, you need a South African residents permit to be able to apply.
It’s best to apply as soon as possible or 3-6 months before you want to leave.
Yes, if you do not live close by, it is possible to arrange everything through skype, e-mail and what’s app.
Most of your fees will go to your visa, flight and insurances overseas. A small part of your fees will go to BAP to compensate the administration costs.
Besides your program fees, you also need to pay for the application of your passport, full unabridged birth certificate and your police clearance. You are also required to do a general medical test before you are matched and for Belgium you are required to get a proof of not being married.

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