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Au Pair News | September 2018


Life is what you make of it

Braai Day

Au pairs from all different agencies coming together to celebrate Braai day in Amsterdam

What’s happening this month

Experience the culture, attend events and make memories!

Germany: Oktoberfest – September 22–October 7 – Pretzels, Dirndls and all things German

The Netherlands: Unicorn Festival – October 27th – ART – FUN – FOOD – CRUISE – FASHION – DANCE

Bapper of the month:

Getting to know some of the current BAP Au Pairs


1. Name & Nickname: Linda (Honey)

2. Birthday: 5/9/1996

3. Au Pair City, country: Netherlands, Heemstede

4. Fav Colour: All natural colours (sky blue always)

5. Favourite place you have visited so far: Rhine fall, Switzerland

6. Fun fact about yourself that not many people know: I pour the milk first and then the cereal and apparently this is a big no no.

7. Best thing you have eaten so far: Krentenbollen

8. Biggest cultural shock: Dutch people are very straightforward and so if you are not open minded and don’t have a sense of humour you might get offered easily. I find that most food/dishes are spectacular and my taste buds are exploding 😁

9. Last city you visited and explored: Zurich. Apart from it being super expensive it has the most beautiful scenery and crystal clear waters, where you can swim in the lake and or river with the fishes 😆

10. What have you learned about yourself from Au Pairing: I used to be very anxious about doing things alone and being the centre of attention and with being on your own most of the time as an au pair you learn that it is not just you that feels that way and it is okay to be different ! Live your life the way you want to.

11. Best experience so far: Definitely meeting people from all over the globe, different languages and culture. I am in love with Europe.

12. What are you most looking forward to about this year: My trip to Scotland!

Don’t waste your money buying brand name clothing and jewellery, Rather save and book your self a trip anywhere it is definitely worth it! Even travelling alone is fun you get to meet people from everywhere, you learn how to be content and happy spending time with yourself. It is magical.

What is she doing now?

What our former Bappers are up to nowadays, the life after Au Pairing


1. Name & Nickname: Cheney (Ney Ney or Nay)

2. Au Pair City & Year: 2014 – 2015 The Hague, NL

3. What were you most afraid of before you left to Au Pair: Not knowing what the future will hold, leaving friends and family behind and how they would cope without me.

4. What was your favourite experience: Birthday in Paris, falling in love and travelling Europe.

5. Sum up your former Host family in 3 words: Generous considerate tops-turvy!

6. Where did you travel to & what was your favourite place: France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Greece, Italy. Sooooo many it is difficult to choose, but I loved Corfu Greece, I could swim all day in the clear warm waters.

7. What did you learn from Au Pairing: That I am way more capable than I realise, I also learned patience and that when things feel like they are falling apart they may actually just be falling into place.

8. What did you do once you returned to SA: I volunteered with Daniel at a preschool in a local settlement. Stayed in Cape Town for 3 months with my now husband and then went travelling for a year.

9. Have you travelled since your Au Pair year: Yes, so many incredible places, went to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Namibia, Zambia, Denmark, Scotland, Portugal and revisited some European countries again. Flying out to USA today to visit my sister in Orlando Disney World. Travel Bug definitely bit me after my Au Pair year.

10. Any plans to return to your Au Pair country & visit: I now live in The Netherlands.

11. What are you doing with your life now: I work for, help with social media for BAP and am a part time admin assistant for Homespun.

12. Would you recommend Au Pairing to other young girls & why: Definitely. It teaches you so many incredible life skills, independence and domesticates you. Once your mind is stretched by new ideas it never regains its original dimensions.

Any advice, words of wisdom or travel tips you want to provide to other Au Pairs:  You will be living with another family, respect their home. You are representing South Africa when you go overseas so be mindful of how you act as your bad behaviour will affect future au pairs who will be categorized/judged by your behaviours. 
Homesickness is real – the biggest regret you will have after returning home is not making the most of your time. to combat the homesickness go out and meet people there are other au pairs also sitting alone in their bedrooms pining for some SA soul, make plans and get out of the house and make memories you never know who you will meet and you could be making lifelong friendships.

Travel Tips


Cologne (cathedral) , Heidelberg (castle and Neckar valley cruise), Munich (Oktoberfest) , Berlin (everything!!) are must see places! Flixbus offers the best ratescand overnight buses to places further afield offer a great way to save money on accommodation. Cologne can be done in a day from NL. Christmas markets from end of November up until 23 December are amazing. Look out for the day tickets for each of the provinces (Bundesländern). That way you can travel throughout a whole province for a full day at one set price, bought from ticket machines at stations throughout the country, for up to 5 people. ~ Aviva Peltz

Elana Palmer

Elana Palmer rocking it in Germany for Oktoberfest

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