Bappenings | June 2018

Au Pair News | June 2018


Hello June, Hello Summer!

To all the Bappers enjoying the Northern Hemisphere time to get those shorts out!


Look who started their Au Pair adventure this past month:

Chloe Brown | Driebergen, NL

Robyn Brown | Loenen ad Vecht, NL

Janelle Jansen Van Rensburg | Den Haag, NL

Melinda Louw | Netherlands

Girda Du Toit | Oud Turnhout, Belgium

Stefani Bothma | Kontich, Belgium

Bapper of the month:

Getting to know some of the current BAP Au Pairs

Elana Palmer

1. Name & Nickname: Elana Palmer aka Queen E. I was given the nickname by my mother as I’m apparently such a drama queen.

2. Birthday: 9 August, yes I give everyone is SA a public holiday. My gift to you

3. Au Pair Country : Belgium, the land of Chocolate, Fries, beers and lots of bread.

4. Fav Colour: Cherry Red / maroon for the colder months and Yellow for the warmer months.

5. Favourite place you have visited so far: My absolute favourite place that I have visited thus far has to be Budapest, Paris comes in second as I fell in love the moment I arrived in Paris. With that being said Budapest was not on my travel list, but it was the best two days of my journey, the clubbing and party scene there is out of this world and the views and scenery is just as amazing and beautiful. I think what stood out most to me was Budapest at night with the historic buildings lit up like a fairytale. A definite must.

6. Fun fact about yourself that not many people know: oh wow, I’m a crazy fun person but I’m shy before you get to know me, but that wasn’t the question. I have a twin sister that’s basically just like me and together we catch on the most nonsense. The epitome of double trouble of you will.

7. Best thing you have eaten so far: Belgian fries at a place called Bar Muza here in Lier. I go back every now and again to just have fries with Mayo and a Cherry beer

8. Biggest cultural shock: The biggest cultural shock had to have been the efficiency and promptness regarding appointments at the Municipality and Dr’s offices. A huge 360 from what I’m used to back home.

9. Last city you visited and explored: The last City I visited and explored was Bruges in Belgium, I think it is one of the most beautiful cities here in Belgium with great people, a great atmosphere, amazing views and sites to see and take pictures of and an absolute gem of a burger and beer place. Yes as you may have noticed I love eating.

10. What have you learned about yourself from Au Pairing: I have learned so much about myself during this experience but most of all I have learned patience which is something I did not have. Being 25 years old I am very mature and independent but had to learn patience and I can guarantee that you will become a more patient person when working with children.

11. Best experience so far: My best experience so far is getting to know, bond and spend time with my tiny human Morgane, learning from her, learning about her and teaching her all the many things I have taught her. Watching her grow has been the best and most rewarding of all the experiences I’ve had thus far and I’m so grateful and privileged to be able to say that and look back on this year and how far we have come from her crying every night for her parents to not go to work to her saying she loves me and wants me to stay here forever.

12. What are you most looking forward to about this year: what I’m looking most forward to is seeing my family again after not seeing them for a year and having a lekker family braai,also seeing Beyoncé and Jay Z live in concert June the 19th in Amsterdam, its still so surreal to me and hopefully if all works out going to see the Northern lights in Lapland at the end of this year.

What is she doing now?

What our former Bappers are up to nowadays, the life after Au Pairing

Danaé Newman

1. Name & Nickname: Danaé or Dee

2. Au Pair City & Year: Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 2014

3. What were you most afraid of before you left to Au Pair: Everything; I was 18 and fresh out of school.

4. What was your favourite experience: Getting lost in Venice while looking for St. Marco Square. It was supposed to be a 5 minutes walk but it took us an hour to find it

5. Sum up your former Host family in 3 words: Welcoming, loving and hilarious.

6. Where did you travel to & what was your favourite place: I really wanted to go to Paris and did but Venice was my favourite place.

7. What did you learn from Au Pairing: That I am capable of more than I give myself credit for.

8. What did you do once you returned to SA: I worked for Bianca’s Au Pairs for a year

9. Have you travelled since your Au Pair year: Yes, back to the Netherlands twice.

10. Any plans to return to your Au Pair country & visit: Definitely, I have a trip back coming up very soon and I cannot wait!

11. What are you doing with your life now: I’m currently a 3rd year Occupational Therapy student at Stellenbosch University

12. Would you recommend Au Pairing to other young girls & why: Without a doubt, it is the best thing you can do for yourself. Just make sure you do it for the right reasons.

Travel Tips

Paris on a budget

Must see: Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe & Moulin Rouge

Must Eat: Croissant (You can get them at pretty much any bakery) or Street-stand crêpes

Getting around: Public transport is relatively affordable to use (Trip Tip: Very few people speak English so make sure you have some data & activate roaming or download an offline map as you may get lost underground for a few hours trying to find the Eiffel tower )

Getting there: Flixbus, or be brave rent a car with friends and split the costs, or plan an all inclusive trip with Slangenreizen (recommended) or book a train with GoEuro keep in mind accomodation costs & time of year.


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