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Au Pair News | July 2018


The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever!

Jade and friends

Jade Loadman and Au Pair friends in Amsterdam at the Oh My! Music Festival

What’s happening this month

Experience the culture, attend events and make memories!

Belgium: SFINKS MIXED 2018 festival – Sfinks is a world music festival in Boechout that focuses on bringing culture together. Festival is FREE

Germany: Hamburg SommerDOM –   27 July – 26 August ~  exciting rides and special events

The Netherlands: Loveland Festival 2018 – 11 August ~ popular music festival in The Netherlands for the year with a nice camping facility

USA: South Beach Mango Festival – 5 August ~ Mangos, music and a fun filled beach festival

Bapper of the month:

Getting to know some of the current BAP Au Pairs

Liezl Du Plessis

1. Name & Nickname: Liezl Du Plessis — I have many Nicknames, everyone calls me something different, but my host Family the kids call me “Liez”

2. Birthday: Im born in North West on the 20th March 1995.

3. Au Pair City, country: Im au pairing in the USA in the Sunny Florida (it can get really warm here)

4. Fav Colour: My favourite colors are blue; white and grey.

5. Favourite place you have visited so far: I was in Times Square New York. It’s true what they say the city that never sleeps. Also went to Minot North Dakota to visit my boyfriend, theres not much going on there besides farmers, but It felt like back home.

6. Fun fact about yourself that not many people know: I am right handed, but eat left handed

7. Best thing you have eaten so far: That’s an easy one for me… Dunkin Donuts, scooped-out bagel.

8. Biggest cultural shock: Everyone says people form USA are rude however I find it totally oposite.

9. Last city you visited and explored: Miami

10. What have you learned about yourself from Au Pairing: I learned that your mind is a powerfull thing, but you need to follow your heart and don’t be afraid of changes and challenges.

11. Best experience so far: Went to see Maroon 5, one of the best experiences so far.

12. What are you most looking forward to about this year: Im looking forward to learning more about myself as a person, about different cultures and to just making the best of every moment.

What is she doing now?

What our former Bappers are up to nowadays, the life after Au Pairing


1. Name & Nickname: Lauren but my mother calls me Wicked.

2. Au Pair City & Year: 2017 in Bussum, Netherlands.

3. What were you most afraid of before you left to Au Pair: Going to a country where I must speak a new language.

4. What was your favourite experience: All the travel I was able to do, from watching fireworks from the Eiffel tower to attending a chocolate workshop in Spain 😍

5. Sum up your former Host family in 3 words: Loving, accepting and fun!!

6. Where did you travel to & what was your favourite place:

City hopped in Italy, Malaga and surroundings in Spain, Paris, Brussels and Brugge in Belgium and went home for my last goodbye 😉 … Favourite was Venice, beyond beautiful!

7. What did you learn from Au Pairing: I’ve learnt about so many new cultures, that was my favourite but the amazing new food wasn’t bad either 😉

8. What did you do once you returned to SA: Packed my bags and left again…

9. Have you travelled since your Au Pair year: I have explored the Netherlands more.

10. Any plans to return to your Au Pair country & visit: I visit it every day 😁

11. What are you doing with your life now: Living in the Netherlands with my boyfriend.

12. Would you recommend Au Pairing to other young girls & why: Yes, definitely!!! You learn so much more than you could learn in a classroom.

Any advice, words of wisdom or travel tips you want to provide to other Au Pairs:  Travel alone, even if it’s just once. Also, it is very important to communicate well with your host family, it is key to a successful year


Travel Tips


Trains are very convenient and go everywhere in Italy, if you’re in Rome you can basically walk to see all the major sites and if you take a bus, just get on, no one pays for the buses in Rome. If you’re looking for a hostel The Yellow is great! Best gelato store is on the left of the Trevi fountain if you’re facing it head on. I’d definitely recommend seeing Rome, Venice, Florence and obviously Pisa although there’s not much there except the tower and then Milan is great if you love shopping, not much too see by way of monuments and stuff. Pompeii is great and Naples has amazing pizza! You must have a cannoli! Also make your wish by the Trevi ~ Lobcke Hein

Avoid Italy in July/August, it c a n get crazy hot and humid! The coast is not as bad as inland but best to go in Spring or Autumn ~ Aviva Peltz

I traveled to Italy with: WanderlustStudentTrips They were amazing! 👌its great to do with a bunch of friends + you meet alot of others from around the world! 💚It was a great package deal, which included a bus road trip from the Netherlands to Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Venice & Milan. Hotels and breakfast were also included as well as maps, amazing tour guides with great tips and lots of free time to explore! 🐾Check out their page, they are always arranging various trips around Europe. 😊 ~ Linzey Marais

Lobcke Italy

Lobcke Hein in Rome, Italy

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